models of pride parents professionals track

The Models of Pride conference includes workshop sessions where you can choose between various workshops in a range of content areas. Below is a list of previous workshops featured in the Parent and Professional Track.

  • Advocacy 101: Change through Storytelling
  • Affirming Conversations: A Practical Guide to Communicating with Your LGBTQ+ Teen
  • Asexuality 101 for Parents and Professionals
  • Ask Me Anything: Queer and Trans Office Hours
  • Away from the Why and Towards the How: Providing Best Practice Affirming Interventions for Gender Non-Conforming Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, & Other Social and Learning Differences
  • Beyond Safe Spaces: Building Support for Families and Caregivers of LGBTQI2-S Youth
  • Beyond “Trans”: Hear the Voices of Trans Youth
  • Bi and Beyond: Understanding the Bisexual, Pansexual, and Fluid Community
  • Body and Mind: Providing Gender Affirming Health & Mental Health Care – Perspectives from a Doctor and Therapist
  • Camino Hacia la Aceptación y Celebración de Nuestras/os/xs Familiares LGBTQ
  • Clap Back: Shutting Down Religious Hatred
  • Developing Critically Engaged Student Leaders
  • El Canto del Colibrí: Hombres Latinos que Aman a sus Hijxs LBGTQ
    The Song of the Hummingbird: Latino Men Who Love their LGBTQ Children
  • Embracing Our Scars: Self-Harm 101
  • Faith, Spirituality & Our Community
  • Familias LGBTQ+: Discussion Group for Parents, Friends and Families of LGBTQ+ Latinx Youth
  • Fat and Happy: Empowering Youth of Any Size
  • Forcing Gender: A Roundtable Discussion on Gender Fluidity
  • GSAs: Best Practices
  • Harnessing the Power of Neuroscience to Enhance Allyship as Parents and Professionals
  • Highly Sensitive & Queer: Taking Better Care of Highly Sensitive LGBTQ Youth
  • Housing is a Basic Human Right: Host Homes as a Creative Answer to Youth Homelessness
  • How to Support Local High School GSA Clubs
  • Immigration Basics and Know Your Rights
  • Inclusive Curricula for Safer Schools: Implementing California’s Inclusive Curricula Laws and Protecting LGBTQ+ Youth
  • Invisible Men: Uplifting the Narratives of Trans Men and Transmasculine People of Color
  • Let’s Talk HIV Prevention and Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • LGBTQ+ Me and You: Space for LGBTQ+ Professionals Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth
  • LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency: Supporting and Understanding LGBTQ+ Youth
  • Living with One Foot in The Closet: The Coming Out Process
  • Multicultural Storytelling for Healing, Resistance, & Resilience
  • Opportunities and Obstacles: The Impact of Technology for LGBTQ+ Young People
  • OUT for Safe Schools®: How to Be An Ally to LGBTQ+ Youth In K-8th Grade
  • Parenting the Trans Teen: After Coming Out
  • Parents and Caregivers Discussion Group: Raising LGBTQ+ Youth
  • Parents in Transition, Too
  • Practicing Purposeful Allyship through Motivational Interviewing
  • Queer Church: Creating Queer-Centric Sacred Spaces
  • Sound Bath Meditation
  • Spiritual Trauma and Mental Health Among LGBTQ+ Youth
  • Stuck in the Middle? Faith, Family, and Your LGBTQ+ Child
  • The Constellation of You: A New Model for Understanding Gender and Sexuality
  • The State of LGBTQ+: Where are We Now and Where are We Going?
  • Theater of the Oppressed: Rehearsal for the (R)Evolution
  • They’re Here and They’re Queer! Teaching LGBTQ+ Specific Sex Ed
  • Tightrope v. Eggshells: Navigating Faith and LGBTQ+ Allyship
  • TRANScending Medical Myths: An Interactive Workshop by Healthcare Professionals for Parents and Professionals Caring for Transgender and Gender-Expansive Youth
  • TRANScending Patriarchy in Today’s World
  • Trauma-Informed Care for Trans & Non-Binary Communities
  • Want to Connect w/ LGBTQ+ Youth? Try Youtube.
  • What You Don’t Know About Your Child’s Identity
  • Working with LGBTQIA+ Survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

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