LGBTQ Resources

Greetings MODELS OF PRIDE participants! We have created this map of LGBTQ+ Resources for you to search, utilize, and share LGBTQ+ Resources around you. Because there are so many resources on this map, we encourage you to search by your city or state and see all the resources in your area. This list is not exhaustive, there are many other organizations across the country that are supporting local communities but may not have a physical location. For folks in more remote areas especially, there are plenty of online and national resources located below the map and available directly from a computer or phone. The resources on this map are to remind you that you are not alone and there is always community around for support and socializing. Happy searching!

Map Color Legend

Purple: LGBTQ+ Centers and Organizations
Red: LGBTQ Affirming Health Care
Green: LGBTQ+ Camps
Yellow: College/University Community and LGBTQ Centers
Blue: LGBTQ Affirming Employers

Click on organization to be directed to website.

Employment Opportunities

Models of Pride
Comcast Universal
Socal Edison
LGBT News Now

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